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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Submit your story: TED talk 4/28/12

On Saturday 4/28 Dave DeBronkhart (a.k.a. ePatient Dave) from the Society for Participatory Medicine is giving another TEDx talk.  It won't be like the Maastricht one ‘Let Patients Help’ link to "TED talk" - this time 
he will present an overwhelming array of e-patient stories, including non-U.S. ones.  
These talks are short so each one will be short - 15-30 seconds. 

He’s a last-minute guy :) so he has to collect a lot of stories in a little time. So the awesome Bogdan Rau created a simple online form for this:

It's simple - 

Give us your story/example of how your efforts (as a patient or friend or relative of a patient) improved the outcome or added value to your case. *
Have you used Google, the internet or peer groups to get information about your case? Have you engaged with other patients on or offline? Have you used SPM or other communities as a resource? Tell us how being an engaged patient altered the course of your medical history.

If you have such a story, or you know of one, please fill it out and he'll be in touch.

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