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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

If Cars Were Sold Like Healthcare . . .

In all reproductions and shares of this piece, please attribute it to the author,  Patient Advocate & harmed patient, Kerry O'Connell.  

If cars were sold like Healthcare.

  1. They would never disclose the price
  2. There would be no finance packages
  3. Months after you drove off you would get a very big bill from the dealer
  4. Then you would get a separate bill for the salesmen’s time talking you into it
  5. Six months later you would start getting separate bills from every supplier who provided parts
  6. You would get bills for the gas, and the oil, and the air in the tires
  7. There would be absolutely no owner’s manual of any kind
  8. There would be absolutely no warranty of any kind

When you brought it in for service

  1. They would give you no cost estimate or repair time
  2. You would sign a release stating that they might fix your car, they might not be able to fix your car, in the process of trying to fix your car it might burn to the ground and in any of these cases you are still responsible  for every cost that they incurred while your car was there.
  3. If they happened to leave any tools in your car  you would be charged extra
  4. If any work performed caused rust, smells, or cosmetic concerns you should be happy  it runs.
  5. If the problem  reoccurs you get to come back and pay again

No matter what you felt about the above experiences you would be prohibited from telling anyone under threat of lawsuit.

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