Joint replacements are the #1 expenditure of Medicare. The process of approving these medical devices is flawed according to the Institute of Medicine. It is time for patients' voices to be heard as stakeholders and for public support for increased medical device industry accountability and heightened protections for patients. Post-market registry. Product warranty. Patient/consumer stakeholder equity. Rescind industry pre-emptions/entitlements. All clinical trials must report all data.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Application for PWP Travel Scholarship

Steven Baker
Application for Travel Scholarship to the Partnership With Patients Summit 2012

Four years ago (9/29/2008) my implanted right elbow failed and I began advocating for patient rights to access medical records, for identification, registry and post-market research on implanted medical devices.  My efforts brought me in contact with medical device manufacturers, hospital trustees, the state Attorney General, my Congressional Representatives, journalists, consumer organizations and the FDA.  My situation is common to most harmed patients: the medical harm causes permanent disability which disrupts/ruins established careers forcing productive individuals onto fixed income without adequate medical care.  I am committed to attending Partnership With Patients, but a scholarship would be both an endorsement of my efforts and would relieve some of the constant financial pressure I experience.  I intend to continue to work for federal public policy legislation and public health education on this topic and learn from and share with others about social media tools and effective communication strategies that will strengthen the shared mission of protecting all patients from medical harm.

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 11:58 pm  

Are you a patient who would like to apply for a travel scholarship to the Partnership With Patients Summit?
We will be awarding 10 scholarships of $500 each. Here are details and how to apply:
Write a (no more than) 500 word essay of why you should be granted a travel scholarship to attend the Partnership With Patients Summit. Why should you be the person who receives the scholarship? What can you offer to the people you connect with? What can they offer you? What do you hope to do with what you learn?
If you have your own blog, then post your essay on your blog, and tweet the link to Regina Holliday
(@ReginaHolliday) or post the link on her Facebook page
If you do not have your own blog, then send the post, contained in an email (not attached) to Regina. She will post your essay here on the Partnership with Patients website.
Deadline for submission is midnight, pacific time, September 8, 2012.
The essays will be reviewed by the committee at the Society for Participatory Medicine and winners will be notified by September 16.
Good luck!

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