Joint replacements are the #1 expenditure of Medicare. The process of approving these medical devices is flawed according to the Institute of Medicine. It is time for patients' voices to be heard as stakeholders and for public support for increased medical device industry accountability and heightened protections for patients. Post-market registry. Product warranty. Patient/consumer stakeholder equity. Rescind industry pre-emptions/entitlements. All clinical trials must report all data.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

'Occupy Health' Protesters at the Chamber of Commerce DC/Blue Cross

Link to 5 minute video of peaceful occupation on 11/14/11

Sadly, it has come to this . . .  healthcare is a "profit center" and an "industry" for the Chamber of Commerce.  Health care leaders do things FIRST, not necessarily ethically.

Respect must be earned.

Leadership is doing it first.  Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do. Integrity is doing the right thing. Character is doing it in the face of adversity. Grace is doing it even though the recipient appears undeserving.  
Servant-hood is doing it even if it's "below your pay grade". Generosity is doing it with no expectation of reward or acknowledgement.

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